Embryonic Hearts

  • Project Members:

    Dr. Sandra Rugonyi

    Dr. Charless Fowlkes

    Dr. Cindy Grimm

    Project Description:

    During embryonic development, the heart transforms from a tubular to a four-chamber structure. These changes depend on pre-programmed genetic processes, but are also modulated by environmental factors such as blood flow. Blood flow provides biomechanical stimuli to cardiac cells. These stimuli modulate cell responses and cellular adaptations to hemodynamic conditions, which lead to morphological remodeling of the heart. As a result of cellular adaptations, altered blood flow conditions during early embryonic development lead to cardiac defects, which are deviations in the shape of the heart with respect to its normal shape. Changes in heart morphology also affect heart function. Cardiac walls contract to pump blood, and in doing so they interact with blood flow and affect flowing patterns. Heart morphology and the motion of the heart during the cardiac cycle are therefore linked to cardiac function. Difficulties in reliably quantifying cardiac morphology and motion have prevented researchers from fully understanding the extent to which alterations in hemodynamic conditions, as well as other environmental factors and genetic alterations, affect heart development.

    The goal of this collaborative effort was to develop tools for mathematically describing biological shape, as well as methods for extracting meaningful information on biological variation. We used data from chicken embryonic hearts, and in particular the heart OFT, to guide development of tools and algorithms. As part of this project, we developed: i) an algorithm to semi-automatically segment the motion of the developing embryonic heart OFT from 3D OCT images 1; ii) a consistent parameterization for the OFT surfaces together with a procedure to improve mesh registration over time based on the minimization of strains 2; iii) visualization techniques to analyze cardiac motion and shape changes; iv) procedures to measure and mathematically model blood flow dynamics in the developing heart OFT 3,4. We applied these methods and procedures to the description of cardiac motion during early stages of embryonic development 2, and we also employed the methodologies to the description of abdominal aortic aneurysm progression 5 - broadening the impact of the developed algorithms and procedures.


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    New Projects:

    National Science Foundation, Cindy Grimm (PI), CGV: Medium: Collaborative Research: Developing Conceptual Models for Navigation, Marking, and Inspection in the Context of 3D Image Segmentation