Welcome to BioShapes.org - a collaborative research project

We comprise a unique combination of individuals with expertise in mathematics, computational science, engineering, biology, science communication, and educational outreach. Our team (BioShape) is divided into four main subgroups:



MCT will be responsible for the development of algorithms and computational tools based on biological case studies.


BCS will pose questions, provide shape data and biological correlates, and will work with MCT in the evaluation and refinement of the algorithms.


VDM will provide the infrastructure needed for storing and sharing images, methods and algorithms. VDM, in tandem with DEO, will also host the BioShapes website, where the goals and the results of the BioShapes group will be publicized, and sample datasets and metrics will be availablefor download.


Broader dissemination efforts will be coordinated through DEO, with the participation of all group members, and with each investigator serving as representative of the proposed project aims in their respective field. Intensive collaboration and coordination will be critical to fostering synergistic interactions among all investigators throughout the duration of the project.


Latest News

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